Professional Services

Planning and managing your IT system has never been more important than it is today. From assessing your IT situation to designing and deploying your system, we make sure that your IT meets your needs now and in the future. Our managed services plans offer the best solution for organizations that either don’t have the time, skill set or simply don’t want the burden of managing and affording an IT person or department. Our fully managed program is the ideal solution for the utmost in network reliability, software updates, security and immediate response when things go wrong.

TBD FULL SET iconWhat is the status and health of your network? Are you secure? Are you providing the best environment for productivity and growth? With our assessment process we help you understand your current situation and suggest ways to make your technology work better for you now and in the future. Our assessment service includes auditing and reporting, compliance evaluation and load testing so that you know where your system stands at any moment of any day.

TBD Design iconWe design systems with your needs in mind first. With all of the options at our disposal, Technology By Design has the flexibility to provide systems and services that fit your IT requirements perfectly. Our deployment process involves all the steps necessary in getting new software or hardware up and running properly for our clients. This includes installation, configuration, operating, testing and delivering your IT system. We install systems with as little downtime as possible, checking our process thoroughly, so that you and your team can focus on the work at hand.
TBD IT mgmt iconWe provide all of the benefits of an internal IT department at a fraction of the price of running and staffing one yourself. Our proactive approach means we address potential issues before they become problems. All aspects of your network are covered: your workstations, networks, servers, applications and data are all secure, for one low monthly cost. Our Tech Protect program offers desktop and server support, network management, support for mobile devices and RMM (remote monitoring and management). Our Hosting Management service covers operation of Windows, RHEL, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and backup systems. And our Private Cloud Management and Security Management services keep the worry out of operating your IT system.
TBD FULL SET iconTechnology By Design has chosen FileMaker Pro as our primary platform for developing exceptional custom software and databases for our clients. FileMaker Pro enjoys wide acceptance as a flexible, reliable and rapid development database software, while it is also known for its cross-platform functionality. We design, deploy, maintain and support every piece of custom software we develop and also provide an exceptional environment for hosting your FileMaker application.



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