IT for Business

Strategy guides everything we do. While functionality is important in any technology, we know that cost, flexibility and future growth are vital in your planning. A well-integrated approach to your IT needs makes a big difference in how your business operates. We are IT experts who are also part of the business community. We understand your business, your needs and your goals. Becoming a partner with Technology By Design leverages access to all of our relationships, serving your business by joining in with a strong network of trusted professionals.
TBD Partner iconWe consider all of our clients, vendors, specialists and consultants to be our partners in business. We don’t just say that because it sounds good. Our approach to business relationships means that our clients get the best possible prices and support from our vendors and that our specialists know our products inside and out through years of experience using the technology. Best of all, partnership means that we know your business from your perspective, and that is good for everyone.
TBD FULL SET iconBeyond the sticker price and beyond monthly rates, your IT services have costs over time that impact your budget. The least expensive option on the front end may end up costing your company much more in the long run. Our strategic approach allows you to know all the costs and considerations that involve your IT systems, giving you the knowledge to make the best decisions to let your business prosper and grow.
TBD Continuity iconPlanning and operation becomes much easier when things are predictable. A smooth running operation lets everyone do their work without the uncertainty that can derail the best efforts. Our expertise in planning and execution of instance management and system upgrades allows your company to do its work with as little downtime, and fewest surprises, as possible.
TBD FULL SET iconOur Cloud IT services are readily accessible and configurable through standard computers such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The main components of the Cloud are SaaS (Software as a Service) that accommodates software delivered over the Internet, PaaS (Platform as a Service) for software development and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that delivers servers, storage, network and operating systems as an on-demand service. This approach allows businesses to treat IT as an operating expense, eliminating the tax and depreciation associated with physical machines, while never having to replace hardware.


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