ISD 917


Intermediate School District 917 is a public-school district serving special needs students in the Southeastern Twin Cities metro area. The goal of the district is to serve their student community with highly-individualized learning environments, low student-teacher ratios and specialized support teams.

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A member of the IT team from ISD 917 contacted us with an emergency noting they were experiencing a total network outage– initially thought to be related to “Patch Tuesday” updates/patches that had been applied the previous evening. Technology By Design was secured as a partner for initial troubleshooting and remediation. After gaining access to the network, the assigned engineer quickly uncovered that the school district had fallen victim to some variant of a Cryptolocker virus. The entire infrastructure had been infected, including the large central Storage Area Network (SAN) array.

Strategy & Solution

The Technology By Design engineer began troubleshooting and exploring possible methods of restoration. It was revealed that the entire virtual server infrastructure was compromised and would need to be rebuilt, but that there was thankfully a viable backup stored on the SAN that could be used to restore. Technology By Design worked to recover the data and  restore ISD 917 to full functionality.


The Hyper-V environment was successfully restored from backup, and the network was brought back online without paying any ransom.