CT Holdings


Technology Solutions for a Variety of Verticals

We’re lucky to have Technology By Design backstopping our operational technology functions and their efforts allow us to invest and scale in other areas of our business.
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CT Holdings is a shared services organization built on a tradition of success, providing expertise, service and unique approach to business owners. CT Holdings’s shared services include strategic planning, supply chain, logistics, finance, accounting, HR and payroll services. This wide array of capabilities allows business owners to focus on building a successful company while doing what they love, and not the stress of running a business. 

CT Holdings needed a strategic technology partner that could provide technology services to a variety of organizational verticals, allowing maximum service delivery while maintaining organizational standards and security.

Strategy & Solutions

As a result of the array of business and business services that CT Holdings provides to its clientele, Technology By Design was faced with an interesting challenge: providing security and standards while not restricting the innovation that CT Holdings must be able to deliver. In concert with CT Holdings’s CTO, Technology By Design built a support infrastructure that includes award-winning Sophos security, centralized platform management and a customized help desk.


As CT Holdings continues to grow, Technology By Design works closely with CT Holdings’s Chief Technology Officer to provide innovative, secure and supportive technology solutions across the array of businesses that make up CT Holdings.

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