Bellagala is a full-service wedding boutique headquartered in Lowertown St. Paul, offering wedding planning services and venues in Minnesota as well as wedding photography services nationwide across 15 cities.

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A team member from Bellagala stopped in to the local Apple store for some assistance with their MacBook. They connected with a member of the Apple Business team and were given a few referrals for support organizations who were members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). The client reached out for an initial discussion and before we knew it, we were assisting them with everything from workstation support for end users to deploying an enterprise-class Aerohive WiFi solution.

Strategy & Solution

The headquarters & 5,000+ sq. foot event space had an existing mix of legacy gear including disparate Apple Airport Base Stations. We determined that in order to create a network with higher performance and reliability, especially for large events that are commonly hosted in the event space, a more robust system would be required. After consulting with the Technology By Design Solutions team, Aerohive was selected as the hardware vendor for the project. Through a combination of heat-mapping and signal testing, Access Points were placed, and signal strength was adjusted to create an AC-class high-performance meshed WiFi network.


The Aerohive WiFi system provides a dependable “set-it-and-forget-it" WiFi network providing connectivity for wireless devices throughout the office and large event center. The system was designed to scale and handle high numbers (100’s) of connected devices simultaneously during large events on the segmented GUEST SSID while keeping the internal network separate and secure.