Product Solutions

Our products for backup, network, storage, Wi-Fi, server hardware, hosting and monitoring have stood the test of time. Offering our clients secure and reliable service is the real test, delivering performance over time, providing a continual value. Our data center is large enough to handle any need and agile enough to offer a level of security not available from other providers. Your business data is backed up and stored, ready to retrieve and secure in our climate-controlled and restricted-access facility. Our solutions not only give a good return on investment but more: they provide peace of mind.

TBD FULL SET iconIn a digital world the quality of physical hardware really matters. That’s why we team up with Sonicwall and Fortinet for our firewall products, Cisco and Juniper for routers and switches, Aerohive for Wi-Fi systems and Dell and Supermicro for servers. We pledge to serve our clients the best we can and we offer the hardware solutions to do just that.

Technology By Design provides everything you need to host your website, whether you are hosting your first website or you need a more stable platform for your existing web presence. Our web hosting platforms are designed and managed for fail-safe reliability with the security provided by our state-of-the-art data center. Our virtual hosting provides a scalability that allows your website to grow with your business while our colocation and enterprise hosting services make us able to provide for every need.
TBD FULL SET iconOur data backups provide near-instantaneous recovery, ensuring that all of your data is protected. We back up your system information and data on a daily incremental and weekly full backup basis. In addition, Technology By Design can assist in delivering data sets to outside locations as part of our managed services. We partner with Veeam and Crashplan for our backup solutions and also offer custom backup design services.
Our comprehensive monitoring solutions from our partners at Logic Monitor and N-able give automated control over the health and performance of your system. With detailed reporting, self-healing automation and remote managing capabilities, these products allow us to always be on top of your system—and always ready to do our job in keeping it running smoothly.
TBD FULL SET iconNot all data moves through the cloud. There is still a viable need for physical connections for some systems and we know the territory. We design and manage direct lines for dedicated needs, using fibre and copper Ethernet, cross connect and IPv4 and IPv6 addressing technology to suit our clients’ specific requirements.
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